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Right Place Studio makes art from the places where you create memories, celebrating physical locations that serve as connectors to the community in which you live. 

In the abstract, the "right place" promotes being present in the moment, exploring your creativity, and supporting an inclusive + welcoming environment.




Free bottle engraving at Republic Restoratives' Reopening Party



Earth Day at the 

Brookland Arts Walk

Can't make a workshop?
Check out these Virtual Tutorials to do on your own!

Reviews and Testimonials

"I drove through DC evening commuter traffic for an hour and a half to get to Samantha's hand lettering class, and it was worth every minute on the road. She's a fantastic teacher, very friendly and knowledgeable and encouraging. I was impressed with the high quality supplies she gave us and even our names in gold on the folders with the workbook sheets! I love thoughtful touches like that, it says a lot about her attention to detail, and it made me feel welcomed [...]"

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