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Meet the Maker

Samantha Testa

Samantha Testa is the owner and artist of the watercolor and calligraphy studio, Right Place Studio. As a former first grade teacher, Sam enjoys teaching workshops to adults, making custom watercolor house portraits for clients, making custom gifts at live events, and finding inspiration around her home city, Washington DC. 

Sam has been making art since she was a kid in Youngstown, Ohio. Her grandfather was a skilled artist and would foster her creativity from an early age (she even has a set of his brushes that she still uses from time to time). While Sam says she has been an artist her whole life, Right Place Studio was formally born in 2011 out of the desire to connect to the community and make art accessible for everyone.

Today you can find Sam in her studio painting architecture and landscapes, hand engraving glass and metal wares, and teaching workshops to help people realize their own creativity. 

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